Ex-Obama Official Turns Into Laughing Stock With Claim About Obama And Isis

Marie Harf hasn’t gotten any smarter since she joined Fox News. During a recent appearance on “The Five”, the former State Department spokeswoman-turned-Fox-contributor claimed that President Donald Trump basically owes his success against the Islamic State group to former President Barack Obama. “The strategy that has led to a virtual defeat of ISIS in the caliphate … is largely a strategy that was laid out during the Obama administration by military commanders,” she said. “President Trump has loosened the rules of engagement. He has allowed the military to use more bombs for example and so I think that has helped,” she added, signaling her belief that Trump’s rule changes were simply icing on a cake baked by Obama and crew. Funny how using more bombs has a way of making enemies disappear. Harf was laughably wrong, as evidenced by a recent Fox News report that revealed: “ISIS has lost 98 percent of the territory it once held, with half of that terror group’s so-called ‘caliphate’ having been recaptured since President Trump took office less than a year ago.” The report further noted that these gains could have been achieved much earlier had the Obama administration not “micromanaged” the war. “The rules of engagement under the Obama administration were onerous,” Fox quoted retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula, the former head of U.S. Air Force intelligence, as saying. “I mean what are we doing having individual target determination being conducted in the White House, which in some cases adds weeks and weeks.” In case some liberal readers doubt the veracity of Fox’s report, let me quote from The New York Times then. When the president first rolled back Obama’s onerous rules of engagement last spring, The Times ran a report revealing that Pentagon officials agreed with the move. “Commanders argue that loosening restrictions – as Mr. Trump has already done for American operations in much of Somalia and parts of Yemen – could lead to a faster defeat of Islamic State militants in not only the Middle East but also the Horn of Africa,” one of the most liberal papers in America conceded. Of course, the leftist Times also cited so-called foreign policy experts who claimed “moving decision-making on small tactical issues from the White House to commanders in the field … doesn’t help accomplish strategic goals.” Tell that to Iraq, which declared total victory against the Islamic State group this month, or to Syria’s army, which last month declared victory over the terror group, “saying its capture of the jihadists’ last town in the country marked the collapse of their three-year, hardline reign in the region,” as reported by Reuters. Here’s a hint: The real experts aren’t bookworms who sit in heated offices; they’re military leaders, i.e., the hardened men who walk the fields side-by-side with our troops. Obama never understood this; neither did Harf, for that matter, who, as a reminder, once insisted that the key to defeating the Islamic State group lied in getting jobs for jihadis. Truth be told, the only thing Obama and his administration officials were experts at was yapping their gums. When it came to taking concrete actions, however, well, the truth speaks for itself. www.conservativetribune.com