Governor Brown Skirts Federal Law, Spites Trump By Releasing Criminals

Two criminal immigrants who were about to be deported received an early Christmas gift, and the American people are the ones left holding the bag. In what can only be described as a political middle finger to President Donald Trump, California Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned two convicted felons before federal officials could send them back to their home country. To make matters worse, one of the aliens was a known gang member who had been arrested on a weapons charge. The Democrat governor wasted no time in bending the rules to keep the felons in the United States. “Two of Brown’s pardons are Northern California Cambodian men picked up in October in, immigration sweeps, Mony Neth of Modesto and Rottanak Kong of Davis,” reported The Sacramento Bee. “Kong was convicted on felony joyriding in 2003 in Stanislaus County at age 25 and sentenced to a year in jail. Neth was convicted on a felony weapons charge with a gang enhancement and a misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen property.” Both men are Cambodian nationals and not American citizens. They lost their residency status by committing felonies within the United States. For all their hand-wringing over gun control and firearm crime, you might think that Democrats would be serious about dealing with felons who have a history of using weapons. It appears that being a sanctuary state for all manner of criminals is suddenly more important to the left. “Progressive Democrats that control the California legislature demanded that gun control violations be incorporated into the 2014 TRUST ACT,” reported Breitbart News. This gun control measure was meant “to invalidate protections against deportation for any aliens that had engaged in the ‘Unlawful possession or use of a weapon, firearm, explosive device, or weapon of mass destruction,’” Breitbart wrote. Mony Neth’s felony weapons charge and gang connections should have meant that he was eligible for deportation. After all, it was the Democrat’s own law that removed deportation protection for felons who use guns. Incredibly, Brown went against his own party and used his influence to skirt the law, literally keeping a convicted armed gang member in the country. “Brown used his gubernatorial power to prevent Neth and Kong’s deportation by issuing a state pardon on December 23, defying the Trump administration’s initiative to expel any legal aliens that violate the terms of their visas by engaging in criminal activity,” reported Breitbart. “According to the online application, pardons are reserved for those individuals that have completed their sentence,” the online news source explained. However, the Sacramento Bee confirmed that Neth was still serving time in Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center when he was released. So much for the regulations. It isn’t the first time that Jerry Brown has thrown a bone to convicted criminals, and it likely won’t be the last. “Since returning to office in 2011, he has handed down a modern-era record 1,059 pardons, along with 37 commutations, far more than the 404 pardons and one commutation he made over his first two terms as governor,” the Bee reported. California may be siding with criminals even more often in 2018. A “sanctuary city” bill called Senate Bill 54 is set to go into effect on the first day of the new year and allows state authorities to flat-out refuse to cooperate with the federal government on many immigration laws. Maybe if Brown and his fellow Democrats spent as much time enforcing the law as they did finding ways to foil the federal government to help criminals, cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland wouldn’t be hotbeds of illegal immigration and violent crime. We don’t hold our breath.