North Korea Received Surprising Aid To Bolster Nuclear Arsenal

An astonishing report this week claimed that many of the impressive weapons North Korea has either put on display during military parades or tested these past few years were obtained with the help of Russia. The Washington Post reached this conclusion after reportedly obtaining certain documents from Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, a Soviet-era missile manufacturer. “Documents from the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau include marketing brochures for an array of top-of-the-line Soviet missiles that were able to deliver nuclear warheads to U.S. cities,” the Post reported. That’s the kind of capability North Korea is reaching for in the current crisis. Now, flash back to late 1992, shortly after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. According to the Post, “more than 60 Russian missile scientists and family members from the Makeyev facility were arrested” that year at a Russian airport as they reportedly prepared to travel to North Korea “to work as consultants.” Here’s the kicker: “U.S., Russian and South Korean intelligence officials later concluded that some of the scientists eventually succeeded in traveling to North Korea to offer blueprints and technical advice for the country’s missiles program.” But that wasn’t definitive proof that the Russians gave the North Koreans technology. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that much more conclusive proof even appeared. As noted by the Post, some of the weapons North Korea has either put on display or tested recently bear remarkable similarities to Makeyev’s weapons: “In the most striking case, the ­Hwasong-10, or Musudan, a ­single-stage missile successfully tested by North Korea in June 2016, appears to use the same engine and many design features as the Soviet Union’s R-27 Zyb, a submarine-launched ballistic missile designed by Makeyev scientists and advertised in one of the brochures obtained by The Post.” It’s quite clear now where the rogue regime could have obtained the specifications for such a weapon. What’s unusual though is the fact that it apparently took a quarter of a century for North Korea to finally put Makeyev’s technology to use. Here’s how the Post explained it: “The fact that it has taken Pyongyang so long to exploit the Russian designs is perplexing, but North Korea had long lacked the sophisticated materials, engineering expertise, and computer-driven machine tools for the kinds of advanced missiles it has recently tested, weapons experts say. With an industrial base enhanced by years of slow, patient acquisition efforts, North Korea is only now in a position to capitalize on technology it had been sitting on for years or even decades, analysts say.” It helps though that “more than 60 Russian missile scientists and family members from the Makeyev facility” provided North Korea with the blueprints and technical advice needed for it to get this far in the first place. And now, thanks to Russian greed and North Korean insanity, the entire globe faces the threat of an unhinged dictator, Kim Jong Un, who dreams of striking the United States with a nuclear weapon and then invading South Korea. Thanks, Russia