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    PetKingdom™️ Tick Protection for Pets - 8 Months Effective Protection Against Ticks & Fleas

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    Do you want to protect your pet against ticks and fleas?

    Then the PetKingdom Tick Protection™️ collar for dogs and cats is the perfect choice! This collar provides up to 8 months of protection against ticks, fleas, and other insects, while also acting as an anti-mosquito and insect repellent.


    100% Natural Protection

    A tick collar for pets is an effective and practical solution for protecting your furry friend against ticks and their diseases. Ticks can hide in tall grass and bushes, and when they bite your pet, they can spread dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease and TBE (Tick-borne encephalitis).

    With our natural tick collar, you can easily reduce the risk of your pet being bitten by ticks and thus also reduce the risk of diseases. It's important to remember that preventive measures are the best way to protect your pet from ticks, as your furry friend can become seriously ill if bitten.

    Safe for Both Humans and Animals

    Unlike other tick collars that contain harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, our tick collar is made from 100% natural ingredients. Our unique formula is based on essential oils and natural active ingredients, such as citriodiol (lemon eucalyptus), lavender oil, linalool oil, and eucalyptus oil. These ingredients have proven to be effective at deterring ticks while also being gentle enough to use on both pets and humans.

    Our tick collar gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protecting both your pet and yourself in a safe and natural way.



    For Both Dogs and Cats

    We are aware of how important it is to protect your pets against ticks, but we also want to ensure that our product is completely safe for them. Therefore, we have carefully developed our tick collar with natural ingredients that are effective against ticks but do not harm your pets.

    You can be confident that our tick collar is a safe and effective solution for protecting your pets against ticks without causing any allergy problems or skin intolerances.



    Suitable for All Breeds and Sizes

    The tick collar is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats, as it is easy to adjust and simple to cut for a perfect fit.

    We understand that every pet is unique and we want to ensure that our product fits all. It's also important to note that our tick collar is waterproof, so it provides complete protection even when the pet is in water. With our product, you can be sure that your pet is protected against ticks no matter what they do.



    Recommended by Veterinarians

    Our tick collar is recommended by veterinarians across the country due to its long-lasting effect against ticks and diseases associated with them.

    We are constantly collaborating with researchers to find the best solution for pets, and our product is the result of this collaboration. We are proud to offer a safe and effective solution to protect your pets against ticks and the diseases they can transmit.

    With our product, you can be sure that your pet is protected for a long time, while giving them the care they deserve.


    Satisfied Pets Guaranteed - Our Happiness Guarantee to You and Your Pet

    We are so confident that our products will make both you and your pet happy that we offer a happiness guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product within 14 days of purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee.

    We want both you and your pet to be completely satisfied with our products, and we strive to offer high-quality solutions that provide you both with the best possible experience.

    So whether you're looking for a product to protect your pet against ticks or something else, you can be confident that our happiness guarantee stands for quality and satisfaction.






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