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The Chick-fil-A Manager That’s Making Dreams Come True

A Chick-fil-A manager decided to encourage his employees to chase their dreams. The results were incredible.

Everyone remembers their first job. It was incredibly new and exciting. You finally had money of your own! You could go to the movies or buy that designer jacket you’ve had your eye for weeks. Or, maybe you wanted to treat your girlfriend to a necklace she had been eyeing as well. Anything you wanted! Finally, you had the independence and freedom you so badly wanted for so long. 

But let’s not kid ourselves. Most of our first jobs were very temporary and far from our dream jobs. They were just the only job we could get at the time, given our lack of real-world experience and knowledge. They paid minimum wage and they honestly weren’t that fun. And, more often than not, most of them were in fast food.

This is a constant concern and a major problem for managers of fast food restaurants. The turnover is unbelievable! It’s very difficult to keep any restaurant moving smoothly because there are always new employees. Many managers get frustrated with this never-ending pressure that creates terrible attitudes. This “part of the job” duty often establishes negative work environments that affect long-term business operations. But one Chick-fil-A manager in Knoxville, Tennessee had a different approach.

He knew that these jobs were just temporary for his employees and he wanted to encourage them to chase their dreams. So he came up with a plan. Everyone would get new name tags that not only had their names on them, but they also listed the career they are working towards.

These days, just about every has a side hustle. The gig economy has taken over for the benefit of the young (and old)! Something else, a hobby or interest, they’re putting time into – even consistently dreaming about. Hoping to achieve. But it’s often very hard to stay focused on dreams when you’re constantly getting dragged down by bills and the daily struggles of life. Everyone can appreciate a little extra help and encouragement. That’s exactly what this manager gave his employees.

What a simple and cool way to motivate people you care about while also creating a positive work environment! To no one’s surprise, patrons of this Chick-fil-A location would regularly comment on the fantastic customer service. And it’s all due to more positive (and life-shaping) attitudes. This manager just wanted to be the positive change that many of these first-time employees need. 

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