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This Sweet Boyfriend Is Melting The Hearts of Millions

A Reddit user made an affirmation jar in an attempt to help his girlfriend with her depression and the internet is loving it.


Depression is a serious problem that affects millions of Americans. The condition negatively affects every aspect of a person’s life – inside and out. Symptoms become particularly transparent if one partner in a relationship suffers. That being said, it’s hard to see the person you love hurting. All you want to do is offer help. But sometimes, it’s hard to know what you can do. That’s the predicament Reddit user ‘bovadeez’ found himself in when his girlfriend was suffering from depression. He scoured the internet for any and all ideas.

That’s when he discovered affirmation jars…

The idea is simple. You just fill the jar with all kinds of messages. Ones of positivity, inspiration, hope, or whatever you (or your partner) may like. It was perfect; leading bovadeez to jump into action. He ran out, grabbed some popsicles sticks, and made a three-color coding system. 

On the orange sticks, he wrote inspirational quotes from philosophers, humanitarians, politicians, and poets. The purple sticks contained simple tips to help her relax, such as “listen to your favorite song,” or “take a break.” And on the yellow sticks, he wrote little reminders and words of encouragement, like “it’s ok to ask for help,” and “you’re beautiful.” 

He wrote as many as he could and filled the jar with the sticks. When he presented it to his girlfriend she was floored. Now, anytime she’s feeling depressed or doubting herself, she can reach into the jar and pull out a sweet bit of positive affirmation hand-written by her loving boyfriend.

After the jar was so well received by his girlfriend, bovadeez decided to share his story on Reddit. The reaction was incredible. The responses started pouring in. People from all over the world that have dealt with depression praised bovadeez for his dedication to his girlfriend and for giving them a good idea they can use themselves. And more importantly for shedding light on something that isn’t talked about nearly enough: mental illness.

Well done, bovadeez, whoever you are! I hope you and your girlfriend live happily ever after!

And now I’m going to head home and make an affirmation jar of my own! Everyone can use a little more positivity in their lives.

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