What The Heck Is Nucleus Vision (NCASH)?

The idea behind the Nucleus Vision (NCASH) platform is to make shopping easier by using customer’s records to make precise decisions on product preferences utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) without the use of WiFi or Bluetooth. The technology is backed by relevant companies in the cryptocurrency and goods retail industries, and is being used by ten retail stores in India at present.

Enough with the shilling already..

Ok so now that we’ve read the schpiel, viewed their shiny video, impressive website, and bought into their grandiose vision. The only thing left to do is blindly invest, right? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I saw the price jump almost 40% on Binance the other day! However, like everybody else these day’s calling themselves a “good investor” I decided to do a little due diligence of my own.

What’s with all the FOMO?

Who needs teacup poodles in gaudy designer handbags, everyone knows ICO’s are all the rage these days! One surefire way to “make millions sitting in our pajamas” is to get in early on a revolutionary project, with groundbreaking technology, and a solid team. I started looking into NCASH with a positive outlook but very quickly started seeing things that weren’t adding up.

Stop with all the FUD!

I know, I know, I’m just another BOT or h8ter spreading FUD so I can secretly shill for my own coin. Maybe you’re right, and I’m just another mother fudder spreading disinformation for my own ulterior motives. Or maybe, I saw some things that concerned me enough to take the time to write this post. Anyway, I’ll present the information below and let you decide for yourselves.

Get to the point already!

Jeez, calm down ok here’s a quick bullet list of a few of the concerns with as many links as possible for your convenience!

  • High number of subscribers on Reddit with low activity and tons of shill posts from bots. Source
  • Users reporting valid questions and posts being deleted or unsanswered. Source
  • There’s this entire post on Github with a list of red flags including links to their parent/partner company BELL BOI INC in 2014 with a strikingly similar vision.
  • Speaking of Github have you seen Nucleus Visions? It’s full of copy and pasted code with repository names like “Machine Learning” that haven’t had any activity in months. This is by far the largest red flag besides the fact there’s no whitepaper!


Always remember to do your own research and never invest more than you can comfortably afford to lose! At the end of the day, I’m just a regular guy trying to invest in my future. I have no idea if NCASH or any coin for that matter will reach the Moon or crash and burn. It seems like a solid project and I hope it turns out well for anyone who chooses to invest. On the other hand, there are way too many red flags for me so I’ve decided to stay far away from Nucleus Vision All of this advice is simply my personal opinion and nothing should be considered as financial advice, and I do not own any NCASH.